Published by Bokfabriken as Bound, Pocket, E-och Soundbook.

Criminal commissioner Eddie Öhlund works as police in Stenungsund, where he investigates big and small crimes in the archipelago idyll.  His own life on the contrary, is no idyll. Eddie fights to keep his head above the water after his wife passed away in a car crash. During the investigation of a death in a hotel- and conference facility he meets Stella Hart, who's on a journey through. Since she has no residence, Eddie let's her stay with him for a couple of days. At the same time occurs a new death that Eddie has to take on. This time it's about a murder. While he falls in love with Stella, he realises that she may not be as innocent as she seems. 

Sjörök is the first part of Elinor Kapps crime series Mord i skärgården about criminal commissioner Eddie Öhlund at the Stenungsund police. Sjörök is Elinor Kapps debut as novelist.

"Wow, what a thrilling book!" Blog Bookishraden

"I will definitely read part 2. I just have to know how this will develop." Blog Jojjes Bokbubbla

"A really good book. Fell a little bit for Eddie as he was so sympathic." Maria Johansson, book blogger



Published by Bokfabriken as Bound, E-och Soundbook!

Criminal commissioner Eddie Öhlund gets called to a road construction out at Tjörn. A excavator operator has discovered the remains of an infant. The Stenungsund police's investigation can't determine who buried the child or why, but when yet another bundle is found nearby, Eddie realises that he and his collegues stand in front of a test that they may never recover from.
Dödsjö is the stand-alone continuation of the praised suspense novel Sjörök, the first book in  Elinor Kapp's criminal series Mord i skärgården, about criminal commissioner Eddie Öhlund at the Stenungsund police, who tries to piece together his private life and work with the darkness he carries within himself. 

"This is a really good book about evil no one thought would exist..." MIKAELAS BOKHYLLA about Dödsjö

"A gripping story that keeps the reader in a firm grip." NATHALIE PERSSONS BOKTIPS

"Credible characters and enviroments as well as an awful crime." ANNSOFI SKRIVLIV

"The suspense lies on top during the whole book that is a real page turner." VIRRES BOKHYLLA