I live here at Tjörn in a white little fishing cabin with sprinkled windows from late 1800-hundreds. Winter is calm, and quiet, then I always long for life and motion, but after a couple of months in the summer I become murderous and long for all the people without consideration to go home. 

Seagulls screams, boat engines pounding diesel engines, whipping salty winds, masts wire sounding, salty baths at wonderful cliffs and visitors. I could probably keep babbling about a while lot of these things I love and that inspire me to keep writing.

Since I from an early age loved to read about suspense and murder myself, is it easy to let the fantasy run away towards this when I write. And write is something I've done for a long time, but in my own chamber without anyone to judge my texts.

A couple of years ago I started going to different writing courses and I learned to put together longer texts and in the end I managed to crack the code and make a whole book. Now I've got plenty of more ideas for books that wants to be written.

I work as shifting process operator which gives me a whole lot of free days that I can spend however I want. And I do. Usually I take my notebook and go to a dock or a beach in my wonderful archipelago. There I take a seat and let the fantasy flow. Then I go home and edit it on my laptop. And that's how I do it. I've already worked through my storyline and the chapters are set up with post it-notes on a whiteboard. Ready to move if needed.

The best grade I can get from my readers that write to me or who stop me outside and tell me how much they like what I write, and that they long to know what happens next. I do too. Because even if I know how it will end, I also get surprised by all the turns that come.

The biggest reason that it became a published book is thanks to my fantastic man that insisted that I should send the book to different publishers and try to get it published with the reasoning: "It's amazing, you have to understand that people will want to read. You can't just let such a good story stand as a folder in the bookshelf."

So thank you my dear Martin for supporting and pushing me through my writing, and that you all the time wonder how it goes with the continuation and want to hear the new chapters I'm currently working on.

And to you, dear reader: welcome to visit my nice island through my books, meet fictional characters that have chosen to live in this wonderful coastal community, our ocean and our fantastic enviroment.